Simple, short, informative, creative, impactful-- we love the challenge! Commericials are a fantastic way to spice up your business or personal attention, either online or commercially. We can handle it all (and we really have! Take a look!).

The first commercial in a series of two for a local sports center featuring a shooting range, fun store, and friendly and knowledgable service, see and hear what goes on when an employee comes back in his off-time to catch-up and try our some new gear. 

In a series of two commercials promoting a local sports center, this second video looks at a regular visit form an experienced shooter.

Feel that? That's power-- that a commercial has! Utalizing new equipment, this was entered in Temple Univ. NSAC competiiton.

MCAP provides free legal help abused children with a friendly face, assurance, and a voice and represtation for justice.

The American Healthcare Professionals for Medicine in Israel (APF) brings doctors from around the word together for learning and networking in Israel.

Educationg employees on a new interactive feature their company, OmniCable, now provides.

JFCS, a loving adoption and family service agency in Philadelphia needs your kindness and love to help their children.

A bit about the Interfaith Center-- who they are, what they do, and their impact on the community over the last decade.

PhilaSoup, a non-profit in Philadelphia shows how a simple idea can spread and do a great deal of good in your, or anyones, community.

Shot Tec, LLC is a mobile defense and firearms education and training service that uses advanced simulations training equipment .

Wedding Documentary & Documentary

Wedding Videos: Not just your wedding videographers or Documentary filmmakers! For us documenatry is about telling a story, and our wedding video-journalism style has been developed from our documentary work. In our words, we don't do wedding videos; we do wedding documentaries.


Documentary: We've recently wrapped a huge documentary series containing twelve Holocaust survivor stories (check out The Legacy Library!) supported by our successful Kickstarter, Flim Films has taken on inventive, beautiful, moving, and always interesting stories. Not that we're boasting, but we've got your events, stories, and logging covered.

The Holocausy Legacy Library trailer, showcasing the Holocaust Awareness Museum of Philadelphia-- the work they do, as well as the Legacy Library Project, which has just been released! This is only a small samply of the twelve inspiring and couragous stories of Holocaust survivors. View the entire site, here.


The Amanda and Danielle Israel Wedding in November was a sight to behold. Fast paced, romantic, and never short of tears, it went from first in the morning to late into the night. The dancing, humor, and friendship was never to be outdone. And the band? Oy. This wedding featured some of the best that Flim Films LLC has to offer including our wedding package that features a drone, slider, and two cameramen. The only thing it didn't include was a timelapse. Everything is always HD and we capture all the moments like a fly on the wall from start to finish. 

A cute and inventive "save the date" video, Anne and Dave captured their guests attention with Philly as their background.

A beautiful wedding celebrating the union of Kimberly and Jamal, the intimate ceremony was filled with vibrant guests and plenty of love.



Whether it's self-promotion, company, product, or you have an inspiring idea you want to share-- use our combination of animation, green screen fun, and professional cameras to make it a visual story for audiences everywhere to see. Not to mention, we can cover your social media, marketing, and promotion desires too!


Gary Byrne on Youtube --featuring Gary Byrne of another Flim Films project, the real life poltical thriller Crisis of Character-- is a how-to and opinion-based YouTube series taking you into the mind of a Secert Service Officer, Federal Air Marshal, and Air Force Security Policeman. Learn marksmanship, international travel, political insider perspective, and much more. Channel created and managed by Flim Films. 

Shot Tec, LLC is a mobile defense and firearms education and training service that uses advanced simulations training equipment to make education and training maximally accessible. They bring the training and education straight to you. 




From any length, shape, or size, planning your story from start to finish is just what our team is built to do. With an experienced crew, professional equipment all over the board, our own studio, and Philadelphia as our back-drop, don't be fooled, we do more than the short-and-sweet stuff.


It Was A Quiet Ride is a short film that follows a young bi-religious lesbian couple in Philadelphia that come to a crossroads in their relationship one calm night. They'll have to decide if compatability is a necessary facet of love. 

A short about Gareth, a metosexual man and his choice between being himself, or being the kind of guy his crush wants. 

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