After All Others Website and Trailer is Launched!

Check out the cast, crew, gallery, and everything After All Others, including the trailer. We’ll be adding additional content as we make progress with Special Effects work with tutorials, pictures, and more but check out the progress we’ve made so far with the new SFX tab in the gallery.

Check out the Trailer!

It’s Tough Being Gareth goes live!


Following a successful production and Kickstarter fundraiser,

It’s Tough Being Gareth, Flim Films LLC’s first large collaborative hipsterish short film is now open to the public! It’s Tough Being Gareth follows a young metrosexual

Gareth, played by Adam Charlton, and the choice he has to make between being himself and the being the kind of guy his female crush, Siren, played by Julie Zeglen, thinks she wants. Gareth and Siren, the best of friends, will come to a crossroads when Siren learns that her gay best friend isn’t really gay and is into her.

Click here to see the film!


It Was A Quiet Ride

It Was A Quiet Ride only needs to be colored before going out to festivals and community centers across the nation for exhibition and distribution. The footage is again in the hands of filmmaker/editor Chad Warner who edited the film. The film may be completely finalized in as little as three weeks.


Another Legacy Project begins

Scheduled to begin shooting in November, Brittani Miller, editor of After All Others, will start her own Legacy Video for her proud and amazing lineage and the people who know all about the Miller/Van Axen Family.


Additional Promotions Content Scheduled for October

Bridget Siegfried, a skilled Production Designer recently back from California is working with Flim Films LLC to do a scene from the play August Osage County to show Flim Films youtube and facebook followers some quick but in depth tutorial/promotional videos discussing how to approach lighting an intimate scene, how to direct actors, the power of keeping it simple and so much more. Follow our facebook page and youtube channel to see everything as it unfolds.

More to come: It Was A Quiet Ride website, Brett Graybill’s website/Reel and others.

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