Legacy Videos…

Flim Films LLC and Dynamic Films LLC are currently working on contracting a cooperative effort for the post production editing and styling of the Legacy Project productions including the first, Larry Sylvia. Look for the trailer which will be out soon.


Save The Date Videos…

Another save the date video is being created for Stage One, a community arts program in Delaware County. Thanks for choosing us and we’re very excited for your fundraiser/gala and we hope it goes well.


Promotional Web Videos

Bill Fish, a charter fisherman on the Chesapeake Bay and his fishing boat, The Nancy Ellen, will have his promotional web video started soon for his website, http://www.tilghmanislandfishing.com/. His video was the first to be solely filmed using the GoPro Hero 2. We used the camera to film the fish underwater as they were caught in the water and reeled in. Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay are truly amazing places. This video should be out in three weeks.



Our projects:

It Was A Quiet Ride, a 20min GLBT short following a young couple’s dramatic decision on compatibility, has finished it’s composure and sound design by the skilled Vincent Corvino. The only thing left for this production is some minor trimming and color correction. From there it’s off to exhibition and distribution in local and nationwide festivals as well as discussion gatherings in community centers.


After All Others, 

A Military Action Drama following the last stand for two friends in an abandoned war-torn hospital, which was recently finished editing by Brittani Miller has released it’s first official trailer, also editing by the very skilled Brittani Miller and sound designed by Tommy Paolantonio. The project is still in visual effects department with Bill Hilferty, Matt Vona, Jack Nitz, and Tom Winter and from there will go to color correction and sound design. You can see a time lapse of the beginnings of Matt Vona’s work with adding dust to the beginning scene here.

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