UPDATE #2...


Larry Sylvia: 

A Legacy Project Documentary is the first of many Legacy Projects created by Flim Films LLC. It chronicles the life and times of Larry and Sylvia Haber as told by them over family footage and still photos. Larry Sylvia has begun transferring 8mm film , done by Grant Schmidt, and continues to transfer VHS and DV tapes, by Phillip Carrol. All of the transfers will be burned to DVD and posted to the web so that Larry and Sylvia Haber’s large family can watch them forever. Rumor has it that George Mills, who edited Mad World’s The Anatomy of A Monster music video, may be the post-production editor for the project. More updates on that soon to follow.


After All Others 

AAO has finished post-production editing by the extremely dedicated and skilled editor Brittani Miller. Brittani, who is now glad to be back in Gettysburg where she continues to edit and do still photography, championed the long awaited cut and arduous post-production editing process for After All Others over the past few months. We wish her all the best of luck and were so fortunate to have worked with her. We hope to work with her again in the future. Now the short film is off to Tommy Paolantonio for post production sound design as well as SFX by Bill Hilferty, Jack Nitz, Tom Winter, and Matt Vona.


It Was A Quiet Ride 

IWQR is in the crafty hands of Kyle Snyder for post-production sound design. After that, it goes to color correction and then finally off to the complex world of international film festivals and exhibitions in GLBT centers and other institutions. Special thanks to Emily R. Johnson and Rakel Joyce for their amazing acting and commitment.

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