With multimedia expanding, Flim Films expertise levels rises with it. Many clients wish to make polished, animated versions of their logos, add some flare, or imagine something new. For us, it's fun, creative, and some times a challenge coming from a video and photography background, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Bouncing Back with Lisa Bien is a self-empowering YouTube series striving to help viewers be more confident in themselves, more positive, and help achieve more success. The logo, a recreation of her print version, is now digitized and animated, a beautiful addition to her series.

Animated from its created form, Dr. Schmidt's logo is utalized on his site (viewed here); and for the potential for an online series.

Completly imagined and created by Chief Animator, Nick, this logo is utalized in the company's commercials.

Taking the print JFCS logo, this animaiton was done for a adoption/foster organization.

It was HAMEC's desire to create more professional videos to release to their audiences while maintaining a classic look.


Delving more into the art, we really like bringing something new to the table; and incorporating simple yet inticing animations to video, or, in some cases, make a completely big, generated video. Green screens love us!

A mixture of text, drawing, highlighting, color, and emphases are explored in this sample of our successful YouTube series, Bouncing Back with Lisa Bien. View more, on her channel, here!

Completely filmed, animated, and compiled in-studio, Dec3's 4 Small Black Pictures of You really explores just what we can do.

A promotional trailer for the Legacy Project's documentary and collaborator, HAMEC, generated butterflies and text are sampled.

Focusing on drawing, transitions, and flow, this is another great example of what we can create for your next YouTube series.

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