Currently, we are booked for the 2018 year. But 2019 is still open.

Flim Films is an independent, full-service video, photography, web marketing and multimedia production company based in the Philadelphia area.  To find out more visit our Services page.


FLIM FILMS LLC aims to create artistic works that RESONATE with the target audience of our clients. We focus on creating excellent artistic works that are demanded by your target audience.

At any moment, Flim Films LLC aims to have a project in every stage of production from conceptualization to pre-production, production, post-production, and finally exhibition/distribution/ sales.


Create a visceral and vicarious experience for the viewer!
Whenever the viewer cries, laughs, smiles, and when the viewer no longer sees the border of the screen but is encapsulated by it or has an out of body experience from the art, then we have succeeded.


Flim Films was originally put forth by Grant Schmidt (producer).  Flim Films became an LLC by Grant Schmidt in 2012 so that it may better serve clients and take on greater projects.


Flim Films LLC creates works on behalf of it's clients. The artistic works created for the clients do not necessarily represent the views of Flim Films LLC. We are open to telling the best stories on behalf of our clients so that they may best express themselves, but that does not mean that those works are expressive of Flim Films' views or perspectives. 

Grant Schmidt, Executive Producer

Grant has always found a calling in the arts, contact team sports, and business. At the early age of sixteen, Grant started his own landscaping company which would eventually grow to indulge his new calling, film and multimedia production. Grant is a firm believer in work ethic, effective communication, community, and loyalty.

The art and skillset of producing Video and Multimedia projects originated from Grant’s pursuit in competitive team sport, mechanical engineering, and running a small landscaping business from 16 years old. These influences gave Grant a deep principled appreciation for effective communication, teamwork, and problem solving. Grant never presents a problem without offering a solution or a method to reach a solution. He has adopted the Disney Imagineer, “Yes, if…” method for problem solving, believing that anything can be achieved with the right preparation and work ethic. Everyone has an imagination and a vision for their movie or project, Grant views his job as making that vision an actionable reality. It is this belief that influences all of Grant’s works.

Since the art of producing requires having an in depth knowledge, understanding, and experience in a diverse array of film and non-film related skills, Grant believes that he has to keep his teeth sharp in many filmmaking areas by trying new things and different roles. By doing this, he gains insights by understanding a little more about each persons role on the filmset, in the office, editing lab, and in the movie theater.

Before producing, Grant held many roles in Art Department such as set design, building, props, realistic and safe prop firearm and firearm training and usage for film sets and actors. He is also a survival, hiking, camping, and “prepper” enthusiast. This is surprisingly a welcomed skill to have for filmmaking especially when location scouting in new territory or making indie films from the industrial areas of Philly to the remote wooden and snowy areas of PA.


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